Radio programmes

Example - radio programme

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Example, including punctuation

Presenter, writer, director etc. (as appropriate to type of programme)

Hammond, C.



Year (and date of broadcast if single episode referred to)

(2018, June 27).

Title of the programme (italics)

All in the Mind




[radio programme].

City of origin (including country or U.S. state)

London, UK:

Radio channel

BBC Radio 4.


The citation in your text will be

(Hammond, 2018)

If you have used the programme's name in your sentence then only the year of publication is placed after it in brackets, eg

In an episode of All in the Mind, Hammond (2018) interviewed ...

Reference list:

Hammond, C. (Presenter). (2018, June 27). All in the Mind [Radio programme]. London, UK: BBC Radio 4.


Named episode in radio programme, retrieved online

Hammond, C. (Presenter). (2009, August 10). Harlow’s Monkeys. In Mind Changers [Radio programme]. London, UK: BBC Radio 4. Retrieved from

(Hammond, 2009)