Psychometric tests & measures

Psychological tests may be published commercially (usually for use in practice), or non-commercially by the test’s creator (usually for research use), perhaps within a journal article or on the test creator’s website. If the test simply appears within a journal article, just cite that article in the usual format. If you obtain the test from the test creator’s website, it may be cited as the website or they may request you to make certain citations (e.g. to a particular journal article about it).

If you are citing the test’s manual, this can be cited like a book.

Example – commercially published test

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Example, including punctuation


Bene, E. & Anthony, J.

Year of publication


Title of the test (italics)

Family Relations Test: Children’s Version


[Measurement instrument]

City of publication (including country or U.S. state)

Windsor, UK:

Test Publisher



The citation in your text will be

(Bene & Anthony, 1985)


Reference list/bibliography:

Bene, E. & Anthony, J. (1985). Family Relations Test: Children’s Version [Measurement instrument]. Windsor, UK: NFER-Nelson

Associated examples

Corporate author, available from website:

NHS Scotland, University of Warwick & University of Edinburgh. (2006). The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale [Measurement instrument]. Retrieved from