I want to cite several authorities to support the same point I am making in my text. How should I do this?

There may be occasions when you wish to cite several authorities to support a point that you are making in your text. You usually never need to do this for more than a couple of citations. If you are making a point that the finding is common, you can present these as examples with (e.g. Allan, 2002; Wilson, 2012).

With multiple citations they are all included in one set of brackets.

In APA format they are presented in alphabetical order, and they are separated by semi-colons.

If two or more works are published by the same author(s) they are put into chronological order from earliest to latest and author’s name is not repeated (e.g. Gogel, 1990, 2000).

For example,

Numerous studies have shown that the sky is blue (Allen, 2002; Anderson et al., 1965; Brown, Jones & Smith, 1998; Green & White, 2002; Wilson, 2012)

For each of the citations there must be a reference placed in your reference list in the normal manner.