How should I reference an eBook?

APA format is designed to convey all the information needed to find a source, and no extraneous information to clutter the page. If a book also is available on paper, even if you have read the online or electronic version, you should reference it just like a paper source without a web address.


Almost all eBooks, including all those available via our library catalogue, also exist in paper as well as being made available online or electronically.  If an eBook has also been published in paper format, even if you have only had access to an online or electronic version, you should reference it just like a paper book following the usual styles for books as appropriate.

You should NOT include a web address.

Books made available on GoogleBooks have, almost without exception, been published in paper too.  You should be able to find details of authors or editors, publication year, title, place of publication and publishers on the first few pages of a book on GoogleBooks.  You can then create a standard reference for a book without a link to GoogleBooks.

What should I do if the book does only exist online?

In the VERY rare event that you find a book which has been published online ONLY you should reference it like a web page with a web link following the book information. This can be seen in the famous example below, which also includes the translator as it was originally written in Dutch.

Stapel, D. (2014). Faking Science: A True Story of Academic Fraud. (N. Brown, Trans.). Retrieved from

(Stapel, 2014)