Referencing a book or journal article not in English

You may wish to reference a book or an article which is not written in English. This implies that the version you have read is the original version that is not written in English.

You need to give the title in italics in the original language [with the translation into English in square brackets like this, without italics], e.g.

Remarque, E. M. (1929). Im Westen nichts Neues [All quiet on the Western Front]. Berlin, Germany: Ullstein.

If the version you read is a translation and you read it in English, use the following format (where Trans. = translator). You give the title in English and in brackets put the details of the translator. In this particular example, it was republished later and the year (1900/1997) shows the original year and the later year that it was republished.

Freud, S. (1900/1997). The Interpretation of Dreams (A. A. Brill, Trans.). London, UK: Wordsworth Editions.