Finding the date when a web page was last updated

When you are referencing webpages, or other online resources, using RGU Vancouver, you should include a date when the webpage or online resource was last updated - as well as the date cited (the date you looked at it).

On some pages, for example BBC News online reports, a date when a page was last updated may be given at the top of the page.

If no date is given at the top of a page, scroll down to the bottom of the web page - you may find a copyright or "last updated" date there.

If you cannot find a full date for when the page was last updated anywhere but can find a month and year or just a year use that information instead.

If you cannot even find a year, but the page you are looking at, and the rest of the website, seems to be continually updated and there are no indications that the page is older, you can use the current year as your date last updated. If you do not think the page has been recently updated you may use n.d. (meaning no date).

Should I use Wikipedia as one of my references?

No. It is not regarded as an academic resource and you could lose marks. 

Find another reference for the point you are making. If you are unsure how to find suitable journal articles why not reserve a place on one of our library research skills sessions.