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RGU Library Seat Booking

Whether you want to study, print, or browse books, seats must be booked in advance to access the upper floors of the Library. This page contains everything you need to know. Please read the information carefully before placing your first booking.

The availability of this service will be subject to review based on Scottish Government guidelines and RGU measures on campus. We recommend you subscribe to the Library Blog to be kept up to date.

Library extended hours for exams

The Library will be open until 10pm Monday-Friday from Monday 23rd November to Friday 11th December. Seats for the evening opening can be booked now.

Access to the study floors is not be permitted without a seat booking. Please do not come to the Library without having booked a seat in advance. We are unable to accept walk-in access requests. Browsing of the shelves is permitted if a seat booking has been made.

Please note that face coverings must be worn at all times when in the Library, even whilst sitting at a study desk. This is in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines on the wearing of face coverings in Libraries. Medical exemptions do apply.

To comply with social distancing measures required by the Covid-19 pandemic, RGU Library will be introducing a Seat Booking service. This will allow safe access to the upper floors of the Library.

Please ensure you book your seat in advance. We’re unable to offer walk-in access.

We are sorry but this service is not open to External members. External members may make use of the Click & Collect service to borrow Library items.

Before coming to the Library, please take a look at the five golden rules for visiting the campus:

The full version of the campus orientation can be downloaded below. We recommend that you read through it before coming to the campus for the first time.

Booking a seat

  • Go to the Seat Bookings page.
  • You can filter by Zone to see availability on different study floors. To see all availability, leave this blank and select Show Availability at the bottom of the screen.
  • Please note that bookings will initially be available for Levels 6 & 7 only. Levels 8 & 9 will be opened later.
  • If you require an accessible desk, please select the Accessible Space checkbox. Most desks in the Library are accessible to all students but there are some which are not suitable for wheelchair users due to the structure of the building.
  • Follow the instructions on the page to book your seat. Bookings may be made for a maximum of three hours per day.
  • An email confirmation of your booking will be sent to your RGU email address. Please ensure you have received this confirmation before coming to the Library.
  • Please cancel your booking if you no longer require it. This will make the seat available for another student.
  • If you need to cancel your booking, please use the link in the confirmation email. You can make a new booking at the same time.

Coming to the Library

  • It is essential that you adhere to the booked timeslot. Please do not arrive too early or too late. The booking system has been put in place to maintain social distancing and ensure the process is safe for students and staff.
  • Ensure you are wearing a face covering unless you have a medical exemption.
  • Please follow the one-way signage in the Sir Ian Wood Building to access Level 5 where the Library entrance is located.
  • Enter the Library via the Entrance door on the left-hand side.
  • Approach reception to inform them that you have booked a study space. Please maintain 2 metre social distancing should you need to queue.
  • Our reception team member will ask you to confirm your details and check you in for your booking. Make sure you have a note of your check-in code from the confirmation email.

Moving around the Library

  • Please wear your face covering at all times in the Library, including whilst sitting at a study desk. This is in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines on the use face coverings in Libraries. Medical exemptions apply.
  • A one-way system will be in operation to enter and exit the Library.
  • Access to the upper floors is via the Library office and the stairs. Please inform the receptionist if you need to use the lift. We encourage you to use the stairs wherever possible.
  • Once on the floor there is no one-way system in place. Please be observant of other students and maintain 2 metre social distancing.
  • All desks will be numbered. Please sit at the desk you have booked and do not move to a different location.
    • Browsing the shelves on Levels 6, 7 & 8 is permitted, but you must return to your booked seat to use the items. Items which you have browsed but not borrowed should be left on the trolleys at the exit from each floor.
    • Level 9 is currently closed. Please make use of the Click & Collect service to access items from Level 9.
  • There are cleaning stations on each floor. Please make use of the wipes and spray to clean your desk, keyboard and mouse before and after use. The RGU cleaning team visits the Library in the morning, and at multiple points during the day, but the cleanliness of your workspace is your responsibility.
  • Printing facilities are available. Only one person at a time should be in the print-hubs and please make use of the cleaning products and hand sanitiser.
  • The toilets in the Library are available for use. When using the facilities please observe the one-way system to return to your booked seat. This may mean taking quite a long route to return to your seat.
  • Please do not bring any food or drink into the Library other than water.

Leaving the Library

  • Please ensure that you leave the Library at the end of your booked time. Social distancing ‘padding’ has been built in to ensure limited crossover of individuals in the building.
  • Make use of the wipes and spray provided to clean your workspace before leaving.
  • Please observe the one-way system and exit via the stairs next to the lifts. Do not exit by the stairs that lead to the Library office.
  • Please use the stairs wherever possible. Lifts are restricted to one-person only and are for use by those with disabilities and staff with trolleys.

If you would like more information on any aspect of using our Seat Booking service, please email