Finding British Standards

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Finding British Standards

British Standards are produced by the British Standards Institute and help to define best practice, with precise rules and criteria, created by experts and followed by industries, businesses, governments and many other institutions.

They only be used for individual research / education purposes and cannot be shared with others. Each person must access their own copy and should not repost or share the standard.

Custom Collection of 25 Standards on BSOL

RGU has a subscription to a custom collection of 25 British Standards, related to Engineering, within the BSOL database.

The standards we have access to can be seen at:

You can access them either:

  • Via our LibrarySearch Tool. Search for the standard numbers or titles. From the results list locate the standard and follow the available online link, logging in if prompted, and you will be taken to the standard when you can read it.
  • Via the A-Z list of databases. The British Standards Online link will take you to the full list.

Construction Information Service

Construction Information Service has a wide variety of British Standards related to the construction industry available and RGU has a subscription to the core collection but not the extra supplement. The standards are primarily related to the construction industry but there may be relevant material for engineering and business as well.

Once logged in you can browse to find standards using the series option:

Alternatively you can search for them using the title or the standard number.

Once you locate a standard click it to open up the bigger record and then use the download button to see the full document.