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Intermid contains full-text articles from the British Journal of Midwifery from 1996 onwards. It also includes articles from the African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health from 2007 onwards.

The journals cover all aspects of midwifery care and practice.

Finding Journal Articles

It is usually best to choose ADVANCED SEARCH below the search box on the opening screen. This will bring up a new search screen with boxes you can fill in.

When searching for journal articles, break down your topic into keywords and phrases. Enter these words and phrases on different lines. You can add a new line by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the search box. Place quotation marks around phrases to ask the database to find the words within the quotation marks together as a phrase.


If you are looking for articles on the benefits of home births, enter the word benefits on one line and the phrase "home births" on another. This will find any article which mentions both these concepts.

You can choose the dates you wish to search. It is a good idea to search both Intermid and Internurse databases at the same time. Internurse database contains full-text articles from nursing journals, many of which cover aspects of midwifery.

To find out more about planning a search, creating search strategies and using different search techniques, explore our search techniques guide.

   Top Tip!

If your search results are disappointing, try to think of different ways of expressing your topic. For benefits you could try advantages. You could also try searching on percieved particular benefits such as comfort or relaxation.

If you are searching on benefits you may also wish to try searching on risks to see the opposite point of view.

If you add the wildcard symbol * to the root of a word you can find all words beginning with the letters in front of it - so benifi* would find benefit, benefits and beneficial at the same time.

Getting the Full Text

If you click on the title of the article you will see the abstract or summary of the article. Most full-text articles available on Intermid are in PDF or PDF PLUS format, which you can open by clicking on the corresponding link under the article in the results list.