Services and Facilities

Georgina Scott Sutherland Learning Centre

Managed by the Student Union, the Learning Centre, located in the Aberdeen Business School building, is an open study space and availble to all students.

Located in the heart of the University Campus, the Georgina Scott Sutherland Learning Centre is an open study space which can be used for groupwork and less formal study.

Managed by the Student Union, the Learning Centre provides more informal, comfortable study areas to all students on campus and is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. The range of facilities includes:

  • General study desks
  • PC desks
  • Printers (which are also photocopiers and scanners)
  • Study pods (currently for use by only one student at a time)

Covid-19 measures

A variety of measures have been put in place in the Learning Centre with student safety in mind. This is an open access unstaffed area and the onus is on students to follow the guidance and keep themselves and others safe:

  • Please abide by all signage and observe the entrance and exit routes to the Learning centre
  • Wipes and cleaning spray are provided. Please make use of them
  • Social distancing measures mean that some PCs and desks are not in use. Please don’t move the furniture around
  • Only one student at a time may use the study pods
  • The group rooms are temporarily unavailable
  • Eating and drinking, other than bottled water, is discouraged

Book a group study space

The Student Union now manage bookings for the Learning Centre and their system will be live soon. Currently bookings are not possible and the space is available for general use. Any enquiries about booking a group study space in the Learning Centre should be directed to the Student Union.

Further Information

The Learning Centre is located on Level 3, Aberdeen Business School.

If you have any queries, please email