OSCOLA Referencing

Books (Edited or Translated)


The following are examples of how to reference edited or translated books.


If there is no author, cite the editor or translator as you would an author. Add (ed) or (tr) after their name, or (eds) or (trs) if there is more than one.


Template (Footnote):

Editor(s)/Translator(s) | (ed/eds/tr/trs) | title |  (additional information, | edition, | publisher | year).


Jeremy Horder (ed), Oxford Essays in Jurisprudence: Fourth Series (OUP 2000).

Peter Birks and Grant McLeod (trs), The Institutes of Justinian (Duckworth 1987).


For works that have an author as well as an editor/translator:


HLA Hart, Punishment and Responsibility: Essays in the Philosophy of Law (John Gardner ed, 2nd edn, OUP 2008).

K Zweigert and H Kötz, An Introduction to Comparative Law (Tony Weir tr, 3rd edn, OUP 1998).