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APA Referencing

Generative AI


The use of generative AI within assignments must comply with RGU guidance. It is your responsiblity to check your assignment brief and ensure that the use of AI tools is permitted within an assignment

Any use of AI tools, including idea and content generation or helping you to plan or develop an assignment, must be acknowledged as a source. Instructions are given below on how to reference the legitimate use of AI within assignments but given how fast the AI landscape is changing these instructions may be subject to change in the coming months.

This guidance is based on advice produced by the APA Style Team. They are responsible for updating the APA style and may issue further guidance in the future.



Author. (Year). Title of Generative AI tool (Version number) [Large Language Model]. Source.



Open AI. (2023). ChatGPT. (July 20 version) [Large Language Model].


(OpenAI, 2023)

If you have used the author's name in your sentence then only the year of publication is placed after it in brackets. e.g.

A response generated by Open AI (2023) suggested that.....

Other Examples and Questions


The AI is not text based (e.g. images, code, videos)

We advise that you follow the template above for any content that you have generated from an AI tool.