APA Referencing

Chapter of edited books

Chapter with one author

An edited book is where each chapter is by different author(s), and an editor(s) pulls them together and perhaps writes an introduction. You must cite/reference the individual chapter you used, rather than the book as a whole (it is possible you would cite and reference a number of chapters separately that are from the same edited book).


Chapter author(s) (Year). Chapter title. In Editor(s) of book (Ed(s).), Title of book (Edition, if not the first edition, page reference of chapter). Publisher.


Roediger, H. L. (2007). Teaching, research and more: Psychologists in an academic career. In R. J. Sternberg (Ed.), Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You (2nd ed, pp. 9-33). American Psychological Association.

The citation in your text will be:

(Roediger, 2007)

or, if you have quoted directly,

(Roediger, 2007, p. 14)

If you have used the name of the author of the chapter in your sentence then only the year of publication is placed after it in brackets, e.g.

Roediger (2007) suggests that an academic career in psychology can be a very satisfying journey...

or, if you have quoted directly,

Roediger (2007 p. 14) suggests that ...

Other Examples

Chapter has 1 author, book has 2 editors, first edition


Baker, S. (2012). Applying health psychology to dentistry: “People, not teeth”. In M. Forshaw & D. Sheffield (Eds.), Health Psychology in Action (pp.1-16). Wiley-Blackwell.


(Baker, 2012) or Baker (2012)….

Chapter has 2 authors and editors who are the same, and not first edition


Lindsay, S. J. & Powell, G. E. (2007). An introduction to treatment. In S. J. Lindsay & G. E. Powell (Eds.), The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology (2nd ed., pp.22-38). Routledge.


…(Lindsay & Powell, 2007) or Lindsay and Powell (2007)….

Chapter has 3 authors, book has 3 editors


Vonk, J., McGuire, L. & Johnson-Ulrich, Z. (2015). The evolution of social cognition. In V. Ziegler-Hill, L. M. Welling & T. K. Shakelford (Eds.), Evolutionary Perspectives on Social Psychology (pp.81-96). Springer.


...(Vonk et al., 2015) or Vonk et al. (2015)…..