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APA Referencing

Magazine articles



Some magazines (usually more scientific ones) have volume and/or issue numbers so can be cited like a journal. Examples of these include the New Scientist, and the Monitor on Psychology. You may find volume/issue numbers if you look closely even at non-science magazines. Scroll down for associated examples including different numbers of authors, supplements, articles in press etc.



Author (Year of publication, date of publication). Title of the article. Magazine title, Volume(Issue), page reference.


Reference list:

Clay, R. A. (2018, February). Are you burned out? Here are the signs and what to do about them. Monitor on Psychology, 49(2), 31-34.


The citation in your text will be:

(Clay, 2018)

or, if you have quoted directly,

(Clay, 2018, p.32).

If you have used the author's name in your sentence then only the year of publication, with a page reference if necessary, is placed after it in brackets, eg

Clay (2018) suggests that ...

or, if you have quoted directly,

Clay (2018, p. 32) states that ...


Other Examples


Magazine article without volume or issue number


Reference: Palmer-Cooper, E. (2018, June). Public involvement in research – just good science. The Psychologist, 46-47.

Citation: (Palmer-Cooper, 2018)… or Palmer-Cooper (2018)…..


If retrieved online, give as much date detail as you can get and omit page numbers. The example below has an exact date of publication on its page:


Reference: Sherman, C. (2019, October 14). The Quest to Cure PTSD. Psychology Today.

Citation: (Sherman, 2019)… or … Sherman (2019)….

Magazine article retrieved online, has volume and issue numbers

Reference: DeAngelis, T. (2004, June). Consumerism and its discontents. Monitor on Psychology, 35(6).

Citation: (DeAngelis, 2004)… or …De Angelis (2004)….


Reference: King, M. (2019, November). Meta-analyses: To do or not to do. APS Observer, 32(9).

Citation: (King, 2019)… or …King (2019)…


NB Page numbers are not always given in online materials. If you cannot find a page reference, or any volume or issue number, leave it out of the citation and reference.

Magazine article, no author given

If there is no author mentioned, use the article’s title in place of the author’s name. Then give the year, magazine name, and issue details as above. For example:


Title of article. (2018). Magazine’s Name, 20(4), 45-47.