APA Referencing

Apparatus or equipment

Only specialised research apparatus should be cited. The citation and reference use the manufacturer as author, and year of introduction of the product. Indicate in square brackets after the model’s name whether [Apparatus] or [Apparatus and software] if there is accompanying software required to use it. If there is a model number, include that in (parentheses) after the model name. Give the URL of the product’s website if available.

You may not always be able to find a date; use (n.d.) if so. The date may be given in the user’s manual.

Example: Tobii X2-30 eye tracker

Reference list: Tobii Pro. (2014). X2-30 eye tracker. [Apparatus and software]. https://www.tobiipro.com/product-listing/tobii-pro-x2-30/

In-text citation: (Tobii Pro, 2014)