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APA Referencing




Named episode


Host(s) (Role). (Year, and date if given). Episode title (Episode number) [Audio podcast episode]. In Title of podcast. URL



Jarrett, C. & Smith, G. (Hosts). (2016, June 13). How to be sarcastic (No.6) [Audio podcast episode]. In PsychCrunch.



(Jarrett & Smith, 2016) or …Jarrett and Smith (2016)…

or if you have quoted directly from an episode:

(Jarret and Smith, 2018, 8:32) where the quote starts 8 minutes and 32 seconds in.


Named episode, podcast is associated with organisation:

Name of the organisation goes in non-italic letters after the podcast’s name.

Reference: Mills, K. (Host). (2018, May 16). Self-driving cars [Audio podcast episode]. In Speaking of Psychology. American Psychological Association.

Citation: (Mills, 2018) or …Mills (2018)…

Podcast as a whole, no specific episode


Host(s) (Role). (Year, and dates between which the series ran). Title of podcast. [Audio Podcast]. URL.


Reference: Green, C. D. (Host). (2006-2012). This Week in the History of Psychology. [Audio Podcast].


Citation: (Green, 2006-2012) … or Green (2006-2012) hosted a podcast on the history of psychology…