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APA Referencing




Television programme

TV Programmes (no matter how watched, e.g. DVD, live broadcast, videocassette, streaming service, etc.)



Producer or other key contributor (Role). (Year). Title of programme. [TV Programme]. Publisher.



Fry, S. (Producer). (2006). Stephen Fry: the secret life of the manic depressive. [TV Programme]. BBC.


The citation in your text will be:

(Fry, 2006), or if you have quoted speech directly, it would be e.g. (Fry, 2006, 15:04) i.e. quote starting at 15 minutes and 4 seconds in.

If you have used the author's name in your sentence then only the year of publication is placed after it in brackets, eg

Fry (2006) suggested that ...

Television series

TV series example (series as a whole):

Brennan, W. C. (Executive producer). (1990). Discovering Psychology. [TV series]. PBS.


Episode from TV series:

For an episode of a scripted fiction series, give writer and also director. Example below is non-fiction and so has presenter and director. If there were several series or seasons, give the series/season and episode number. The example below had a single series. Give the date of first broadcast or release (you may be only able to get year, or a more specific date).

Mosley, M. (Presenter) & Stockley, N. (2011). Emotions (Episode 2). [TV series episode]. In J. Renouf (Executive Producer), The Brain: A Secret History. BBC.