APA Referencing

Computer software


Title of the programme (Version) [computer software]. Publisher. URL (if available).

Note: Citations and references are not needed for standard software that is widely distributed such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, R, SAS, NVivo, etc. Do provide citations and references for specialised software or programmes with limited distribution. Some software may be associated with an author(s) who should be cited also.

Reference list:

Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (Version 2) [Computer software]. Biostat. https://www.meta-analysis.com/



Note: Give year only if available

Example with author, year and downloaded from website:

When there are authors given who wrote the software, the software’s title is moved to after the year and goes in italics:

Honaker, J., King, G. & Blackwell, M. (2011). Amelia II [computer software]. https://gking.harvard.edu/amelia

Citation example: ....we imputed missing data using Amelia II software (Honaker et al., 2011)… or… Honaker et al. (2011) have created a program that can impute missing data…